Career Online High School

Career Online High School gives you the flexibility you need to balance work and school. This high school program is offered at NO COST through Archways to Opportunity.
Career Online High school allows employees to:
1. Earn a diploma at your own pace
2. Gain real world career skills with adult focused classes
3. Get support from academic coaches to help you along your way.
Most employees graduate in 12 to 14 months, but employees have up to 18 months to complete their coursework.
To be eligible for Career Online High school you must:

How to Get Started:

Step 1: Review Career Online High Schools Career paths at and pick one that fits your goals. 
Step 2: Sign up for your chosen career path and complete your part 1 prerequisite. Part 1 Prerequisite must be completed within 14 days. 
Step 3: The last step of your prerequisite will walk you through completing your Archways Tuition Assistance application. 
Step 4: Once your Archways is approved, your academic coach will confirm your start date for part 2 and give you further steps to complete your degree. (These steps look different for each individual). 

Issues/Questions with this benefit?
You may call/email:

270-765-5300, ext. 2

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