English Under the Arches

Who’s eligible?

English Under the Arches is available to both crew and managers. To participate, you must:

What should I know about English Under the Arches?

  • McDonald’s covers the tuition cost for the program.
  • Content is focused on the English skills that restaurant employees need most.
  • Whether you’re a manager or want to become a manager in the future, these are the language skills you need.
  • We teach the words and phrases that you’ll hear in your McDonald’s every day – so you can start using what you learn right away.
  • Courses are delivered using a blended method of live virtual classes and self-paced eLearning.
  • You will need access to the Internet and to an Internet-compatible device, preferably a desktop computer – but the course is also accessible via a mobile device.
  • You must have a personal email address to be enrolled.

What classes are available?

Depending on your current English skills and needs, we offer:

Shift Basics
For employees with very limited English speaking skills.

Shift Conversation
For employees who have some proficiency in speaking English.

Shift Writing
For employees who are proficient with speaking English, but need practice with written English.

Conducting Performance Reviews
For managers who need extra help with delivering performance reviews in English.

Issues/Questions with this benefit?
You may call/email:

270-765-5300, ext. 2

Burrell Family McDonald’s Human Resources Manager

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